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Vertu360 - Fully Managed IT Services


Are you looking for an IT partner to provide remote support for managing your entire IT infrastructure including data, software, hardware, network administration, information security, and expansion? Vertu360 is the answer! Our IT Management and IT Consulting Solutions are tailored for each organization, based on their staff, requirements, priorities and future planning. Not only this we also offer Search Engine Optimization [SEO] to help your business website rank higher.

Remote IT Support offered by Vertu IT & Cloud Solutions

24/7 Remote IT Support

At Vertu IT, our focus is to keep your IT systems working optimally, 24/7. We monitor your IT infrastructure, making sure all systems are kept up to date and are kept secure. We can fix most of your computer issues remotely at any time, providing you effective and efficient solutions immediately.

Managed Cloud Solutions offered by Vertu IT & Cloud Solutions

Managed Cloud Solutions

Vertu IT is perfect for all business sizes and capacity. With our highly scalable services, you can benefit from added security and predictability of managing private, public and hybrid cloud. Besides, you have the choice to select a more cost-conscious managed cloud server solution. Whatever your choice, rest assured that you will receive the same top-notch services from our expert technicians and specialists.

Data Network Security offered by Vertu IT & Cloud Solutions

Data & Network Security

Security is in our DNA! Our founders started as a network security provider back in 2004, specializing in creating and enforcing information security policies, data & email encryption, and protecting networks from large DDoS attacks. Vertu IT secure and protect your network from all possible threats your IT infrastructure may face. Vertu IT specialize in will super secure your network from the Internet and within your internal network.

Vendor Management – Software, Hardware & Cloud offered by Vertu IT & Cloud Solutions

Procurement – Hardware/ Software/ Cloud

More than often, dealing with your business IT vendors takes a lot of time. Additionally, there may be terms & conditions in the agreements that you never knew were included or available to be integrated. And, if you ever run into an issue or a vendor is not meeting your expectations, we help interpret the agreement and give you the information you need to decide the best way to handle it. We contact vendors so that you don’t have to take time out of your busy schedule.

Strategic Information Technology Planning offered by Vertu IT & Cloud Solutions

Strategic Information Technology Planning

We at Vertu IT, guide all our clients to help prepare their overall IT strategy. While an IT strategy focuses on how it will help a business’ growth, an IT strategic plan is a roadmap to help the businesses implement these strategies. The plan outlines areas where IT can contribute to the business’ value and where an organization can gain an immense advantage by making the best use of technology resources.

Enterprise Security Services; end-to-end Encrypted Email offered by Vertu IT & Cloud Solutions

Enterprise Encrypted Email Services

End-to-end enterprise email encryption provides the highest level of confidentiality and protection for your email communication. Emails encrypted on the sender device can only be read by the sender and the receiver end only. No third party can read or tamper these encrypted emails; even we cannot read your encrypted emails!

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Why Choose Us?


There are number of reasons why you should choose Vertu IT & Cloud Solutions over other managed IT Services providers, mainly of the fact that our IT services are customized keeping in mind specific business requirements. We are dedicated towards offering our clients best IT services in the industry and our IT solutions are effective and user friendly. Our core principle is absolute transparency in everything.

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