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BlackBerry UEM - Secure Android Solution


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Vertu IT & Cloud Solutions provides technical support for customers who have a significant and/or growing number of managed mobile devices. Our support system is designed for small to medium sized organizations that require assistance with technical and/or configuration issues in a timely manner to help ensure their organization is not negatively impacted by downtime.
In addition to direct access to technical experts, customers may purchase certain preventative support features that will help meet their specific support needs. Customers at this level may use the self-service tools and technical documentation within the myAccount portal to troubleshoot and validate common tasks and have access to relevant web based training.

BlackBerry UEM - Encrypted Email services from Vertu IT

PGP for BlackBerry: How it works?

PGP is a widely used method of protecting personal and private communications between individuals and businesses. Since its invention in 1991, it has become the de-facto standard in email encryption. Having undergone many improvements and updates since it was first released, PGP remains the most secure way to send an email on an encrypted BlackBerry.
With the use of PGP, BlackBerry users can send encrypted email messages that only the intended recipient can decrypt and read.

How we enforce PGP?

At Vertu IT & Cloud Solutions, we device extra layers of security on top of PGP encryption. We enforce complex algorithms so as clients' privacy remains a topmost priority. On top of BlackBerry's inbuilt AES-256bit encryption, we add another layer of security in the form of 4096bit RSA key. On top of this, we allow communication within the closed network and thus eliminates the risk of unauthorized access or any potential attack from the web.

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