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About Vertu IT & Cloud Solutions


Managed IT Service Providers

Our Background


In 2006 we started with a vision to empower small and medium-sized businesses by providing comprehensive managed IT services in lower mainland. Now, as a fully established IT service provider, we are no longer limited to providing IT Support just in Surrey but also offer managed support services to businesses worldwide. Discover what makes Vertu IT the perfect technology solution provider for your business!

There are various components of managed services that we offer such as Cloud Solutions, IT Disaster Recovery, Information Security, Networking and Hosted Applications like Office 365 and G Suite, all while ensuring information security, privacy protection and business continuity.

The Vertu IT team has over 30 years of combined professional experience in developing and managing innovative IT solutions with a strong foundation in network security. We pride ourselves in keeping up with ongoing advancements in technology. Our mission is to empower businesses by providing comprehensive IT solutions to meet their current and future business challenges.

You bring your requirements, challenges, and information policies, and we bring a creative and robust solution. So, let us help you efficiently manage your IT infrastructure and build tailored solutions to help you grow.

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What we do?


We work so you don't have to! We provide an array of services, for example, cloud backup, virtualization, data management, mobile data management, managed hosting, web development, encrypted email solutions and much more. Our staff is highly skilled and experienced and our solutions are always current and effective. We are constantly learning about new technologies like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services [AWS], and VMWare so that we can provide the best existing services for your business.

Our Values and Culture


Integrity, Honesty, and Accountability are the three core values of our organization and describe who we are. We believe in building trust and long-term relationship with our clients through open and honest communication. Vertu IT maintains a culture where people share knowledge, ideas, and are easily approachable.

Our Mission


To empower businesses by providing comprehensive IT solutions & security to meet their current and future business challenges.

What we offer?

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Outstanding Customer Service

We strive to provide our clients with exceptional customer service. We work to ensure that you don’t face any issues with your IT infrastructure by prevention and providing immediate solutions. You will get the help you need, even if remote support is required. In addition to, we are constantly updating and upgrading our services. We will educate you on aspects of technology that are the most relevant to your business.

fixed pricing for every business size
Fixed Pricing for every business size

We provide all our clients with fixed pricing estimates before commencing any work; this ensures that both parties are in agreeance. You pay a fixed rate for exceptional and unlimited customer service where we will go above and beyond to meet the needs of your business.

transparent process
Transparency in our process

We believe in transparency; our clients pay what we pay! We do not charge any premium on hardware/software ordered on behalf of our clients. We will make hardware recommendations and negotiate on your behalf at no extra cost. We also share the entire process with you so that there is a clear understanding of what we are doing, why, and how it will benefit your business.

Vertu IT & Cloud Solutions telephone consultation
FREE First Phone Consultation

Want to chat with an IT professional to find out how Vertu IT can help you? Call us! Our staff will ensure that we understand your business' IT needs, requirements and challenges. This initial consultation call will help you understand the importance of IT management. We’ll help you develop a plan for your business to grow.

What our clients say?


Vertu IT team is efficient and knowledgeable. They have always provided almost immediate solutions to any issues our company has had. The team really goes above and beyond to help you whenever you need it.

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Client 1

Testimonial from client 1

We hired Vertu IT to help keep our information secure and to manage all our IT work. This has left us stress-free because any issues that arise are taken care of directly by their team letting us focus on what we do best, legal practice. Vertu IT also ensures that all our clients’ information is kept confidential which is obviously very important to our firm.

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Client 2

Testimonial from client 2

Vertu IT understands the importance of technology. They are adaptive and take on any challenge they are given. We’ve had issues in the past with our database and they’ve always been available to fix any issues we’ve had and have always provided solutions that work the best for our business.

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Client 3

Testimonial from client 3